According to the Surgeon General at the US Dept. of Heath & Human Services, the "seven Priorities are designed to improve health and wellness for the entire U.S. population, including those groups disproportionately affected by disease and injury."
• Tobacco Free Living
• Preventing Drug Abuse and Excessive Alcohol Use
• Healthy Eating / Active Living
• Injury and Violence Free Living
• Reproductive and Sexual Health
• Mental and Emotional Well-Being

By pursuing a lifestyle of LONGEVITY and WELLNESS, you are paving the way for a well-balanced, pain-free life. Further studies including data from the CDC have continually helped to drive Americans to think 'better health' as the national mortality statistics continue to prevail. The 5 leading causes (66% of all deaths)-- Heart Disease: 27%. Cancer: 23%. Chronic lower respiratory disease: 6%. Stroke: 5%. Unintentional injuries" 5%.

CANCER PREVENTION can be closely aligned with EARLY DETECTION. But from the perspective of a lifestyle upgrade, it is greatly proven that smart nutrition, toxin prevention (smoking, alcohol, drug abuse control), Stress management and Immune system support are all main ingredients to the prevention of cancers. These same protocols, for those who recently underwent cancer treatment, are what medical experts and wellness professionals prescribe to STAY IN REMISSION.

According to the World Health Organization, early detection of cancer greatly increases the chances for successful treatment. In the ongoing battle against cancer, it is common knowledge that most cancers in their early stages are far more likely to be treated with positive results. Moreover, a thorough checkup of one's physiological analyses, heredity review and personal data gathering (from blood & dna tests) are all strong info-gatherings for early warning signs that someone may be a candidate for cancer. PROACTIVE tasking starts from AWARENESS, EDUCATION & SCREENINGS. The right attitude of self-preservation and an appreciation for longevity is lesson #1. Pursuing a balanced lifestyle covering all the bases of nutrition, exercise, sleep, detoxing and de-stressing is also part of a life-plan of better living.

"In my tenure as one of the founding directors of the Male Breast Cancer Coalition, I have met so many brave and inspiring men who have come forward about this plaguing disease. Against the odds, they stepped up to get a complete diagosis, underwent the process of cancer treatment and are still with us today- walking this earth to spread the word to others about how REAL Male Breast Cancer truly is!

Recently, I have met a growing number of FIREFIGHTERS in our area who fell prey to this disorder. As OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS go, first responders carry some of the highest risk for cancers due to the exposure to some of the most horrible toxins. But the real danger is the stigma about getting Breast Cancer that keeps them from getting checkups. Thanks to NYCRA's "Get Checked Now" campaign, more and more are getting our message on time to address the cancer, and to stay vigilant about EARLY DETECTION & PREVENTION about this cancer and all other cancers that threaten our lives."

- Cheri Ambrose, MBCSCAN / Male Breast Cancer Coalition


Knowing that you have CANCER can impair your ability to make the best choices. Gain a different outlook (with possible results) with a fresh pair of eyes and tools. Get new insights on your current health & lab reports and receive an alternate diagnostic imaging exam of your target area(s) to get validation or competing opinions on what’s truly going on inside. Confirm your primary diagnosis or possibly uncover false-positives and other misreadings that could change your entire treatment strategy altogether!

From the moment you receive the news about having cancer, you may grow curious about what other treatment options another oncologist would prescribe? You may want to get another doctor’s perspective on your current diagnosis or get another set of professional eyes to review your reports. All these concerns are quite natural and common - especially when it comes to pursuing such a major commitment as cancer care. We all want to gather all the information we can from trusted sources to build an intelligent direction that gives us complete confidence. That’s what a SECOND OPINION offers.

A Second Opinion helps affirm (or challenges) your current treatment strategy for your exact type of cancer. Finding another specialist outside of the prior doctor's circle of influence helps bring a different perspective to identifying any unique anomalies that other doctors and technologies may overlook. A second opinion is all about getting PEACE OF MIND in troubleshooting or problem solving your most vital health concerns



 Source: National Cancer Institute Published on Jun 13, 2018 (Youtube Channel)

The immune system is one of our basic and most important systems in our body designed to protect us from potential threats from outside our body, as well as from abnormalities and abnormal cells that are generated from within. It's able to accomplish this miraculous task through a combination of cells and through communication molecules called cytokines. Together, they work together to weave an impenetrable web that, in most cases, should protect us from all sorts of severe and chronic diseases. But if we're exposed to things that can damage the immune system (such as poor nutrition, infections, toxins, traumas or severe stresses) a rip in the fabric can lead to our loss of protection that could lead to severe or chronic illness.

For more information on IMMUNOLOGY, visit:

Melissa Rohman | March 19, 2018 | Oncology Imaging

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) may potentially replace drug treatment for pain in cancer patients when combined with surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy, according to new research published online in the March-April 2018 issue of Radiographics. Cancer related pain may directly stem from tumors, injury to nociceptors or result from surgery or radiation therapy and is commonly treated with prescribed opioid analgesics. The noninvasive technique of HIFU however, which is approved for uterine fibroids, bone metastases, essential tremors and encouraged to treat pancreatic cancers, may be more effective than drugs and spare patients serious side effects and toxicity, according to researchers. At the forefront of HIPU treatment is precision: MRI technology localizes high-intensity ultrasound waves on a targeted region of the body without damaging surrounding tissues or organs. Noninvasive in nature and able to be safely repeated and combined with chemotherapy or radiation therapy, HIPU alleviates cancer related pain through tissue denervation, tumor mass reduction and neuromodulation, the researchers wrote, ultimately offering a multimodality approach to treating malignant diseases. (see complete article)


For first responders, a NYC-based imaging facility Using state-of-the-art, high-speed equipment that's captures advanced cancer scans and subdermal screening in real-time through the use of COMPUTERIZED 3D DOPPLER HISTOGRAM technology. This innovation uses unique forms of sonography to evaluate blood flow related to tumor activity and to identify areas of suspicion. More tumor vessels signifies more aggressive disease. 3D analysis is non-invasive and rapid with results available to the patient during the visit. Patients in need of reassurance and world class imaging come from all countries for cancers of the prostate, breast, skin, thyroid and melanoma. For more info, visit:


For first The modern era of diagnostic clinical imaging continues to expand in areas of optimal speed, sensitivity and feasibility as part of its continued pursuits to bring a non-invasive diagnostic modalities to our treatment community. The Reflectance Confocal Microscopy (RCM) gives dermatologists a major upgrade (over age-old microscopy) in their ability to assess pathologic and physiologic conditions of the skin with a higher level of clinical accuracy, greatly supporting the reduction of calls for biopsies of benign lesions. Responding to the limitations of biopsies and conventional screening methods, the non-invasive movement which includes the 3D/4D Doppler Histogram, Contrast Doppler Ultrasound, OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) and the in vivo RCM brings a heightened level of performance and responsiveness in areas of resolution, magnification, depth, contrast, and immediate results from bedside. For more info, visit complete article @ Modern Diagnostic Science


A recent trend in testing kits commercially distributed to physicians and/or direct to the consumer, are changing the way patients are receiving treatment and billed. Packaging lab testing services from anywhere in the country through a portable (mailable) transport kit is a most cost effective and efficient way to expand public access to and from any specialized lab service(s). One of the more prominent blood test kits available is called IVYGENE- allowing access to a specialized lab from anywhere in the country to partner with any clinic or practice. This streamlines the retrieval and delivery of acquired blood samples to the designated lab and greatly eliminating a number of steps and "overhead" expenses. Instead of building a high-priced lab in each city, county or state, there is now just once central lab for the entire country. For more info, visit our IVYGENE REPORT.


A firefighter's emergency rescue work often brings exposure to a wide range of hazardous (and potentially carcinogenic) substances. A recent study from the IAFF shows a significant percentage of firefighters will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetime. Others studies indicate that firefighters are up to 2X at risk for developing certain cancers. It is for this reason that First Responders HealthScan and its clinical partners including Integrative Medicine of NY helped to publicly introduce genetic testing protocols and such scanning/diagnostic innovations as the IvyGene solution to the community. Originally founded for 9/11 survivors and victims, the 911CancerScan program brings informational and resource access to any and all first responders to address this health risk. See the First Responders Cancer & Health Support Resource website for more information.

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH NEWS: Prevention101 brings public awareness about all matters that affect our health and well being. This includes the many envrionemental agents that major entities like large corporations, pharmaceutical companies and their products can bring to our lives and our very existence. In this feature, we present cancer-related news and health concerns from independent publications about the widely used herbicide GLYPHOSATE, the active ingredient in over 750 pesticides. [See fact sheet about Glyphosate in] These agricultural and pharma-related news features report about lives affected and class action lawsuits due to the widespread cases of non-hodgkins lymphoma cases allegedly triggered by pesticides including the internationally marketed product "ROUND-UP".


By Christopher Walljasper April 15, 2019 (original source:

The report, compiled by the CDC’s Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, is an analysis of 64 studies, conducted on both animals and humans. Its purpose is to determine the health effects of exposure to glyphosate, as well as identify the need for more research. It breaks down possible health effects, including the chemical’s association with heart and lungs problems, renal function, human reproduction, cancer and even death. The CDC also said that many of the human studies relied on self-reporting, which has limitations...

A school groundskeeper was awarded $289 million last August in a suit against Monsanto, the manufacturer of Roundup, after a jury concluded the man’s non-Hodgkin lymphoma was likely connected to his continued exposure to glyphosate. Bayer, which bought Monsanto in 2018, is appealing the decision. There are still around 8,000 pending lawsuits against the company over glyphosate. See complete article, visit: © Copyright 2019, Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting

Costly cancer lawsuits may spur search to replace world's most common weed killer - May 22, 2019
"Total fear and shock." That's how Andrew Kniss, (weed scientist from the University of Wyoming in Laramie) describes the reaction of farmers to recent courtroom defeats suffered by a leading manufacturer of glyphosate, the world's most widely used herbicide. Agricultural researchers … fear the loss of a compound that is crucial for controlling weeds and conserving soil. The scientists and farmers "are really nervous that these verdicts could cause them to lose this tool." Last week, a California jury awarded $2B to two property owners who claimed their non-Hodgkin lymphoma, was caused by years of using Roundup, a glyphosate-based herbicide. (See complete article at: )

Cancer Risks From Monsanto’s Weedkiller Deserve Further Scrutiny, Government Agency Says - Apr. 12, 2019
A new analysis of Monsanto’s signature herbicide, glyphosate, released by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, gives weight to studies connecting glyphosate and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and recommends monitoring children’s exposure to this toxic weedkiller. Although EPA has maintained its outdated position that glyphosate is not likely to cause cancer, the ATSDR stated in its report, based on the findings of studies in humans, that “a possible association between exposure to glyphosate and risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma could not be ruled out.” (See complete article at: U.S. Right to Know- ) Copyright © Environmental Working Group, Reproduced with permission



This program is a simple plan to keep cancer away- or increase the likelihood of beating cancer with the comprehensive Early Detection & Prevention plan. In each case, much can be done to prevent the current stage. The first step is to GET MORE FAMILIAR WITH YOURSELF.

• Be aware of your genetic lineage: risk of cancer increases upon heredity. The first place to look is within your own dna or family history. Many cancers tend to travel down generations. It can also have the tendency to skip one generation and appear in the next one.

• Periodic Checking of your body for any anomalies like lumps, bumps, discolored bruises or growths. Self-checking is the first base. Also stay on top of unusual feelings like frequent headaches, unique pains and strains- anything that feels out of the ordinary. Take nothing for granted when it comes to your body.

• Know your environment: Many health issues are known to be caused by environmental toxins. Where you sleep, eat and work could be affecting how you feel later. Some health hazards are fairly visible and apparent while others may need some historical research in your area where there may have been potential chemical wastes or spills in the past. If you know of such issues, further research, demographic studies, protective measures and targeted checkups may be your next step.


Source: National Cancer Institute

If you have a symptom or a screening test result that suggests cancer, your doctor must find out whether it is due to cancer or some other cause. The doctor may start by asking about your personal and family medical history and do a physical exam. The doctor also may order lab tests, imaging tests (scans), or other tests or procedures. You may also need a biopsy, which is often the only way to tell for sure if you have cancer. This page covers tests that are often used to help diagnose cancer. Depending on the symptoms you have, you may have other tests, too. (click each icon for expanded info)

LAB TESTS PET SCAN (Positron emission tomography)
CT SCAN (Computed tomography) ULTRASOUND
MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) X-RAYS

To learn more about other tests that may be used to plan treatment for your cancer, see the PDQ® cancer treatment summaries for adult and childhood cancers for your type of cancer. Source: National Cancer Institute


Click HERE to read all about some of the DEADLIEST TOXINS identified in fire zones by renowned toxicology expert Prof. David Purser. Also review medical comparisons in cancer latency and recurrence cases between CHERNOBYL and 9/11 + our first Pulmonary study in our summer newsletter feature" "IT ALL STARTS AT THE LUNGS" The Bee Gees are not the only messengers for STAYING ALIVE. Meet retired paramedic and volunteer firefighter Richard Marrone & hear his "Get Checked Now!" story.

Meet Ret. Chief Larry Overcast- Retired Firefighter turned Breast Cancer Missionary

From an Interview with Awareness for a Cure reporter in 9/19/2018

They say you're cancer-free but in the back of your mind, there's always a chance of the 'boogerman' will jump up and get'ya. I was a Shelbyville firefighter back in 1973, and I worked there until '76. then I came back in '86 and officially retired 2011; the whole time, we didn't have any breathing (protection) apparatus. I worked there of a total, probably 33 years as a firefighter; a driver; a captain, but this captain still had to fight fires. We call it fire hall number one- as one of three stations in the city of Shelbyville, Tennessee. When I came back in '86 they started carrying respiratory protection on their trucks, but we didn't use em, and then with all the new plastics and the new synthetic materials and stuff coming out; I think I was one of the first ones that started using it because I didn't want all that stuff in my lungs. Out of it, they say I've got a touch of COPD; I don't know if that came from the fire department because I never smoked.

Around September 2016. I was out weed eating and mowing the grass. I wiped off sticks and sweat from my chest and that's when I felt something. I tried to wipe it off, and I looked down, and it was a little knot, about the size of the end of your little finger. (See full article) - special thanks to the MALE BREAST CANCER COALITION


The MALE BREAST CANCER COALITION, NY Cancer Resource Alliance and Bard Cancer Diagnostics (NYC) united to create the first comprehensive Male Breast Cancer Screening & Monitoring program dedicated to providing men with the full-service facility to screen, monitor and track any and all breast cancers in men. This also includes a complete awareness program about early detection, recurrence prevention and both pre-and-post treatment solutions.



Historical reports show significant cancer claims from emergency rescue units- especially FIREFIGHTERS. Where prior diagnoses may not identify dormant cancer strains, this program is attuned to search for and recognize markers from a thorough and comprehensive review with the use of advanced Histogram Analysis technology. Dr. Bard's program is also available for pinpointing a more accurate 'second view' of the behavior of pre-existing 9/11-related cancer cases (thyroid, kidney, prostate, lung, pancreatic, leukemia & multiple myeloma, etc.) and can recommend solutions that may confirm or invalidate prior reviews. Also, the BCD program is designed to providing a detailed analysis of many tumors, cysts or premalignant lesions that is complementary to most recognized biopsy reports without the invasive surgical procedure!

Another effective "weapon" in the battle against this epidemic is the Bard Cancer Diagnostic Program: From Advanced Cancer Scanning to the Non-Invasive "Digital Biopsy". Once the patient has been certified (and validated) by the WTC Health Program, individuals suffering from 9/11 related illnesses can receive VCF Compensation and reimbursements for their medical treatment. Patients now have their own choice of health professionals and the option to pursue recently available advanced medical care.

Dr. Robert Bard, expert Cancer diagnostician and the Northeast’s expert in 4D Doppler Imaging has developed the POST 9/11 CANCER DIAGNOSTICS PROGRAM. His NYC-based facilities (Bard Cancer Diagnostic Imaging) are equipped with only the most advanced state-of-the-art technologies that often out-performs higher-priced MRI’s, CT-Scan’s and X-Rays while promising to deliver more affordable and accurate reports in REAL-TIME from a process that's ready in MINUTES. BCD is prepared to provide any 9/11 first responder or survivor with advanced cancer screenings to search for impending cancers. Pre-cancerous symptoms that may arise as per the rising reported numbers of post-9/11 cancer cases are evaluated quickly, accurately and painlessly.

BARD CANCER DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING(NYC) has isolated and scanned countless cases of cancers using the most advanced diagnostic imaging technologies worldwide. We provide early detection and real-time "digital biopsies" of many tumor types using 4D Doppler innovations bringing accuracy and expediency to the comprehensive report- within MINUTES. For our patients, this is a priceless advantage that cuts down the wait time, decreases travel (to multiple diagnostic centers) and reduces the insurmountable level of stress and intolerable problems of today’s increasing medical bureaucracy. Our technology outperforms the advantages of MRI, X-ray and CT scans by 20-to-1. We have an uncompromising system that’s unique to the health care profession whereby our combined experience and technical advancements are called upon by many university hospitals and private practices today. My services were recently utilized during the terror attack in Nice by the truck driver who mowed down innocent civilians on the French Riviera where-x-ray and CT services were overwhelmed (I am a current member of the French Radiology Society-Societe Francaise de Radiologie since 1999)

With the aid of 4D Doppler Technology, Dr. Bard can identify, detect and analyze many tumors from pre-malignant areas to advanced cancerous cases. The regular sonogram shows a malignant disorder (top) while the 4D scan (bottom) displays a mass filled with cancerous arteries and veins meaning this is highly aggressive requiring immediate attention.

Exposure to toxins may produce cancers in many organs. This patients chronic cough prompted a chest sonogram showing a pulmonary tumor that had produced malignant fluid partially collapsing the breathing volume but had not yet metastasized below the diaphragm. The liver, an early target of cancer seeding, was clearly seen to be untouched in the same sonogram study simply by moving the probe from the chest wall to the abdomen sparing our patient from extra testing and mental stress over the possible spread of disease.

Our mesothelioma patient (pictured above) had a minor injury and noticed a new lump under the small bruise. A 5 minute scan showed the discoloration was caused by minor blood vessel damage due to the underlying BENIGN fatty tumor.  Cysts and other non-malignant disorders can be distinguished from metastatic lymph nodes (glands) providing “real-time” relief of anxiety of cancer recurrence.

MPR-TV reports on Advanced Cancer Doppler Imaging. Meet Dr. Robert L. Bard (award-winning cancer diagnostician and expert imaging specialist). Get the facts about the many new 9/11 Cancer Cases 18 years since the terror attacks- and how we are waging a new war with advanced technology like the use of 3D/4D Doppler Histogram Scans.  



Having paved the way for the study of various cancers both clinically and academically, Dr. Robert Bard co-founded the 9/11 Cancer Scan program to bring additional diagnostic support to all first responders from Ground Zero. His main practice in midtown, NYC (Bard Diagnostic Imaging- uses the latest in digital Imaging technology has been also used to help guide biopsies and in many cases, even replicate much of the same reports of a clinical invasive biopsy. Imaging solutions such as high-powered Sonograms, Spectral Doppler, sonofluoroscopy, 3D/4D Image Reconstruction and the Spectral Doppler are safe, noninvasive, and does not use ionizing radiation. It is used as a complement to find anomalies and help diagnose the causes of pain, swelling and infection in the body’s internal organs while allowing the diagnostician the ability to zoom and ‘travel’ deep into the body for maximum exploration.

Dr. Stoff is a highly-credentialed medical expert studying all medical remedies in pursuit of resolving the most challenging health issues of our time. In many circles, he is recognized for his 35+ years of dedicated work in immunology and advanced clinical research in modern CANCER treatments. He has spoken worldwide in some of the most sought-after medical conferences about his experiences and analyses on the study of human disease. His integrative practice INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE OF NY, Westbury, NY) has been continually providing all patients with the many comprehensive clinical options and modalities available- including "ONCO-IMMUNOLOGY", the science of battling cancer cells and reversing pre-cancerous conditions through a complete prevention program that has earned him great success in this field.Dr. Stoff has treated and managed countless patients who were affected by 9/11-related disorders and continues both public awareness efforts and clinical research in supporing this community of victims.

After the Compassionate Care Act came into effect, Dr. Thomas O’Brien upgraded his family practice in NYC to include the use of medical marijuana (THC & CBD solutions) for his patients by being one of the first certified physicians in the State of New York allowed to prescribe regulated dosages of THC and CBD as needed. His use of this treatment solution includes patients with a wide range of disorders from chronic pain to cancer and tumors. Credentialed as a clinical nutritionist, getting certified to treat patients with cannabis products has become a logical next-step evolution and a positive addition to Dr. O’Brien’s tool box. His research with medical cannabis showed extensive clinical success and was also impressed by its nature-based solution to help a widening list of disorders without harmful side effects. (see complete article)

As a therapist and coach, much of Jessica's work with clients is focused on helping to manage symptoms of anxiety and panic- that which manifests in physical and often frightening & alarming ways. This includes the many emotional and psychological stressors (such as being diagnosed with CANCER and other chronic illnesses) which can bring feelings of being out control of our bodies and our surrounding world. Jessica has been recognized for providing great support for patients managing varying levels of Trauma and residually related fears by working together to process physical emotions that arise from anxiety. Her specialized work is dedicated to supporting patients in living more presently and enjoying life’s fulfilling moments by identifying challenging thoughts and processing them in a more self-aware and grounded way. Visit her website-

Dr. Stephen Chagares is a NJ board-certified surgeon in Tinton Falls and a global pioneer in advanced robotic procedures. He is a major supporter of post-surgical health maintenance for all patients especially cancer survivors who underwent reconstructive surgeries. His commitment to the continued evolution of modern medicine supports the development of protocols to use advanced ultrasonic screening solutions for all mastectomy patients and implant users. "I am hoping Dr. Bard’s advanced ultrasonic screening becomes the foundation for development of future protocols for screening and diagnostic imaging for all breast implant patients. Hopefully, these protocols using this ultrasound technology can be incorporated with other breast implant safety programs to create the best medical care possible for all breast implant patients.” - (see complete feature article) For more about Dr. Chagares, visit his website-

CHERI AMBROSE, Co-editor / outreach coordinator for NYCRA
Cheri is the associate editor for various publications such as PinkSmart News, the Journal for Modern Healing and First Responders Cancer News. She is a patient advocate for many cancer-related programs and often contributes her time in cancer research fundraising events. As the communications director for the NY Cancer Resource Alliance, she manages community outreach, partnership missions with other cancer foundations and research organizations and attends educational functions for cancer awareness. Her latest public projects include the launch of and She stands as the current President of the male Breast Cancer Coalition (

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